Dr Robert London

Speaking Engagements

In his educational talks and entertaining lectures, Dr. London aims to demystify commonly seen mental health problems and present practical solutions and strategies that therapists and their patients can put to use right away. His ideas are refreshingly upbeat, straightforward, and often surprising. Gifted in translating arcane medical knowledge into useable tips and techniques, Dr. London engages audiences with his original take on contemporary psychological conditions. His talks are illustrated with memorable real-life case studies showing how seemingly complicated mental health conditions can be significantly improved in a relatively short period of time—weeks and months versus years. Dr. London is famous for his lively town-hall style Q&A sessions following the presentations.

Speaker topics include:

Short-Term Psychotherapy — This Is Not a Misprint
For most people, the term short-term psychotherapy is an oxymoron. They associate psychotherapy with the Woody Allen model, where the patient spends years on the therapist's couch, hashing and rehashing early childhood events and relationships. Dr. London is one of a growing army of mental health professionals who seek to overthrow that obsolete and, in his view, often ineffective and costly approach to common mental health conditions. Learn how to treat troubling personality styles, obsessions, phobias, and anxiety disorders in a new way—and get real results in weeks or months rather than years.

This Is Not Your Grandfather's Hypnosis

When you think of hypnosis, do you conjure up an old black-and-white movie image of a swinging watch, or a slowly twirling spiral getting larger and larger? Think again! Dr. London says modern-day hypnosis is one of the best—and most underused—tools in the psychotherapist's toolkit. Learn about exciting new discoveries in brain science that shed light on how hypnosis may work and how it might be used in the future to address a myriad of mental health conditions. Discover how trained mental health professionals like Dr. London are using new hypnosis techniques to treat everything from PTSD to stage fright.

Behavior Modification — Yep, You Really Can Change
In this popular presentation, Dr. London opens audiences' eyes to the seemingly miraculous tools used in cognitive-behavior therapy that really do change the way people think, react, and behave in the world. The problem with traditional therapeutic approaches, he points out, is that they don't focus on changing the patterns of thought and behavior that lead to unhappiness and frustration. Using real-life case examples from his clinical experience, Dr. London illustrates some of the innovative techniques he and others have developed that enable patients to engage in hands-on activities that, when practiced inside and outside the therapist's office, can alter brain patterns, improve behaviors, and provide relief. He introduces the Learning, Philosophizing, and Action (LPA) approach, his version of cognitive restructuring, which is a wonderful way to help people feel successful and content in their lives.