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Anxiety Disorders

Confusing messages on COVID taking a psychological toll
COVID-19: Delta variant is raising the stakes

COVID-19 fallout makes case for promoting the mental health czar

COVID-19: Helping patients overcome what might feel like an existential crisis

COVID-19 school reopenings, and safety: What should we tell parents?

Time to Try Medical Hypnosis
Trick Your Mind Calm
CBT underused, undervalued
Treating anxiety in pregnancy
Is Decluttering a Form of Therapy?
Managing Anxiety in Stressful Times
When Thoughts Are Obsessive
Helping OCPD Patients Break Free
Treating Situational Anxiety
Use Two-Pronged Approach to Treat GAD
Anxiety Disorder: A Proposal
The Man Who Could Fit on the Head of a Pin
More data show value of CBT for PTSD, anxiety, depression


Children, adolescents, and all of us may be at risk
The kids may not be alright, but psychiatry can help
Many sources of PTSD are cause for concern
Ukraine and PTSD: How psychiatry can help
Can experiencing bigotry and racism lead to PTSD?
Is COVID-19 leading to a mental illness pandemic?
Memories, flashbacks, and PTSD in NYC
Could group CBT help survivors of Florence?
More data show value of CBT for PTSD, anxiety, depression
PTSD: A Hidden  Danger After  a Serious Illness
PTSD: Another Great Masquerader : Clinical Psychiatry News
Hurricane Sandy and PTSD
PTSD Patients Deserve First-Line Treatment
Disconnects Persist on Treating PTSD
PTSD and the Gulf Oil Spill
Mental Health in Haiti
Will the U.S. Army's new resiliency training prevent mental distress?
For Vets with PTSD, Try Behavior Modification
PTSD: Another Great Masquerader Strategies for Treating PTSD


Elizabeth Wurtzel helped clear the air on stigma
8 Warning Signs of Depression You Shouldn't Ignore
Identifying Depression: We Must Do More
Who's Treating Depression?

Eastern/Western Psychotherapies

Self-Care Strategies - NYTimes.com
Hypnosis: Underused Technique
Hypnosis: A Call for Training
Relaxation Techniques: Adjuncts to Therapy
The How-To of Relaxation Techniques
CAM: A Valuable Adjunct
The Mind and Medicine
Talk Therapy: East Meets West
Yoga: A Beneficial Integrative Therapy
Unraveling the Mind/Gut Puzzle
The Tennis Racket and the Mind

Interface of Medicine and Psychiatry

Commentary – Smoking cessation and psychiatry
Commentary: Psychiatry and the heart
Conquering Conversion Disorder
Helping Patients Beat Chronic Pain
Outpatient Care Made Better
Obesity: We Must Take the Lead
Helping Patients Conquer Insomnia
Psychiatry and Medicine Working Together
Dermatology and the Psyche
Stress-Related Temporomandibular Dysfunction
Psychiatry and Chronic Pain Patterns
A Hypno-Behavioral Approach to Migraine
Pharma and Medical Breakthroughs
Relearning Technique for Stuttering
The Challenge of Treating Facial Tics
What We Can Learn About Addiction
Psychiatry and Pregnancy
Controlling Chronic Pain - part I
Trichotillomania: finding solutions

Panic Disorders and Phobias

Conquering Phobias
Treating Stage Fright
Beating Dog Phobias
Is Social Phobia a Disorder or Not?
Treating Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia
Finding a Way to Cross the Bridge
Panic Disorder Patients Need Us
Treating Fearful Flyers: The Psychiatrist's Toolbox

Professional Therapeutic Approaches

ThriveNYC could help treat and destigmatize mental, behavioral disorders
Better treatment for chronic mental illness is long overdue
Placing Short-Term Psychotherapy First
‘All or Nothing’ Thinking and Psychiatry
Perspective: Can This Specialty Be Saved?
Short-Term Therapy: Let's Use it
We Must Take Back Talk Therapies

Cognitive Therapy Reaches a Milestone

Reframing Therapy for the 21st Century

Making Dual Therapy Work

We Must Reclaim Our Specialty

The Wonders of Cognitive Restructuring

Systematic Desensitization in 10 Steps

A Twist on Dual Diagnosis

Consulting With Medical Patients

Placing Short-Term Psychotherapy First

My Hopes for the DSM-V

Dr. Ellis Helped Change Our Field for the Better

The Value of Medical Hypnosis

Social/Political Issues

How About a Bailout for Our Patients?
Economic Turmoil and Mental Health
Quality of Life, Not Life or Death

Troubling Personality Styles

Treating Avoidant Personality Disorder
Treating the Dependent Personality
Approaches, Perspectives on ADHD
Rebooting the Brain for Assertiveness
What's in a personality?
Trichotillomania: finding solutions

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