Dr Robert London

About Dr London

Robert London MD is a well-known psychiatrist, educator, and writer known for his ability to translate complex medical concepts into accessible information and practical strategies for general audiences and mental health professionals alike. Through his appearances on television, radio, in print, and online, he aims to push the door to the psychiatrist’s office wide open so people can talk freely about their mental health concerns—without shame or fear. Dr. London delivers a message of hope and optimism to the thousands of people he’s treated, and passionately believes that many people with mental health conditions can achieve significant improvement or total relief. What’s more, it doesn’t have to take years in therapy.

Dr. London has been a practicing physician/psychiatrist for more than three decades. For 20 years he developed and ran the short-term psychotherapy unit at the NYU Langone Medical Center, where he specialized and developed a number of short term cognitive therapy techniques. He also offers his expertise as a consulting psychiatrist at the Institute for Family Health. A specialist in behavior modification and the various cognitive psychotherapies, Dr. London is widely known for an innovative approach he developed, the Learning, Philosophizing, and Action (LPA) technique.

A prolific writer, Dr. London has penned dozens of articles and columns and has appeared in many publications, including the New England Journal of Medicine; Journal of the American Medical Association; Glamour; and On the Avenue, the late NYC cultural magazine, for which he wrote a regular medical column during the 1980s. Throughout the ‘80s he was also medical editor for Long Island’s Boulevard magazine and wrote its popular “In Your Health” column. Dr. London is best known as the long-time author of “The Psychiatrist’s Toolbox,” a nationally distributed monthly column in Clinical Psychiatry News, which is now circulated online and sold around the globe by Elsevier wire service. He continues to be an editorial contributor to Clinical Psychiatry News.

Dr. London is a media veteran who was host of his own consumer-oriented health care radio program during the 1970s, which was syndicated nationally. In the 1980s he created “Evening with the Doctors,” a three-hour town hall–style meeting for nonmedical audiences—the forerunner to today’s TV show The Doctors. Over the years he has appeared on Good Morning America, Live At Five, Eyewitness News, Good Day New York, the Cable Health Network, and has been quoted extensively  in The New York Times, Daily News, New York Post, Newsday, Business Week, and the Los Angeles Times, among others.

He’s an engaging and lively speaker whose presentations feature helpful strategies for patients as well as their therapists. Apart from being the creator of the LPA technique, Dr. London is a leading expert in both hypnosis and short-term therapy. A sought-after lecturer, keynote speaker, and seminar leader, he sheds new light on a myriad of short-term therapies for conquering fears and phobias (e.g., fear of flying, dentists, elevators); managing PTSD, OCD, and other anxiety disorders; overcoming Peter Pan complex and other personality disorders; and improving depression.

His newest work is Find Freedom Fast, a self-help book for people seeking practical, short-term, therapeutic strategies to deal with stress, anxiety, phobias, and obsessions and compulsions that interfere with successful living and happiness. Drawing on three decades of clinical experience, Dr. London’s book introduces the Learning, Philosophizing, and Action (LPA) method to readers and shows them how to avoid wasting precious time and money on talk therapy that often takes too long to work—or may not work at all.

He lives in New York City and has two adult sons, one a product liability attorney and the other a director of client service at an International phamaceutic advertising firm.

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