Dr Robert London


Besides enjoying a lifelong friendship with Dr. Robert London (“Dr. Bob”), I’ve enjoyed being privy to his approach to helping people clear the sort of life’s hurdles that we all face from time to time. I’ve urged him over the years to put his theories and experiences into a popular, no-nonsense book from which a wide audience can benefit, and hope one day that he will. That he’s an iconoclast in the field of psychiatry and psychology goes without saying, believing that a short-term, action-oriented approach to psychotherapy is more helpful and effective than the traditional psychoanalytic (archeological dig) approach.

His straight-talk, no-nonsense insight into the human dilemma should be, in my opinion, made available to the widest possible audience through a book, which would not only be of great help to men and women trying to navigate their everyday lives, but it would also have the potential to rival the popularity of previous truly useful and accessible self-help books, such as I’m Okay, You’re Okay.

We all need help in making sense out of these tumultuous times, help delivered with humor and in plain language. I hope my friend, “Dr. Bob,” heeds the call and puts his experience, knowledge, and clear-headed views between the pages of a bestseller.

—Donald Bain, Author of more than 100 books, including the bestselling “Murder, She Wrote” original mystery novels based on the popular TV show