Dr Robert London

Are You Spinning Your Wheels in Therapy?

Once they do go for help, too many people spend years in therapy hashing and rehashing the past, but not getting positive solutions or a new perspective on an old set of problems. As a health care consumer advocate and practicing psychiatrist, let me assure you that it doesn't have to be this way. Many mental health problems can be substantially helped in a relatively short time period using targeted strategies and short-term therapeutic approaches, such as my Learning, Philosophizing, and Action (LPA) technique.

Long-Term Therapy May Not Be Necessary

Whether I'm speaking to an audience of mental health professionals or health care consumers, I always tell them this: For many people, the first line of treatment should be short-term, straightforward problem-solving techniques that have specific goals in mind. As with other health conditions, one can proceed to long-term care if it's needed. The work I do as a psychiatrist, educator, and public speaker is to help spread a positive message that many mental health problems can be treated quickly, effectively, and completely.

Lots of People Have Mental Health Problems

No one goes through life without catching a cold or getting a sore neck. You would think it odd if they did, because illness and injuries are simply part of life. Why, then, are people ashamed about their mental health problems? Just like that sore neck online casino, mental health symptoms—such as seemingly irrational fears, anxieties, depression that won't go away, or troubling personality patterns—are your brain's way of telling you that something needs your attention. Lots of people have mental health problems that need to be addressed at some point in their life.

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